6 Days Until Our Presentation at the ASES World Renewable Energy Forum!

I’m a public high school teacher at Bronx Design & Construction Academy (BDCA) in the South Bronx, NY. My students and I are working with Wade McGillis, Marc Perez, and Christina Ho from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University on researching the mutual benefit of green roofs and solar photovoltaic canopies on our school’s green roof. Several of my high school students were vital in the construction of the model homes in our shop classes, and continue to be deeply involved in the data collecting process.

We were recently accepted to present at the World Renewable Energy Forum May 16th in Denver. Noel and Elton, two 9th grade students at BDCA, will give the presentation about their involvement. They will speak to an established international group of professional renewable energy practitioners and researchers at the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF).

My two 9th grade students are the only high school students presenting at the ASES/WREF, and quite possibly the youngest ever to present at this venue.

Nathaniel Thayer Wight
Bronx Design & Construction Academy
nwight@bxdca.org | www.bxdca.org | www.BDCAecology.wordpress.com

World Renewable Energy Forum
Green-Roof Integrated PV Canopies –An Empirical Study and Teaching Tool for Low Income Students in the South Bronx
Noel Cruz & Elton Hollingsworth
9th grade students, Bronx Design and Construction Academy, Bronx, NY

Nathaniel Wight, Marc Perez, Christina Ho
Columbia University, USA

Learn more about our project:

If interested, click here to download and view our presentation

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